Myanmar Contract Staffing and Payroll Services
16 Mar

Myanmar Contract Staffing and Payroll Services

Contract Staffing and Payroll Services are now a very popular solution in Myanmar.

Why companies are choosing FocusCore and MyWorld Careers in Myanmar.

The staff are hired by MyWorld, through FocusCore paid and insured by MyWorld. MyWorld employ them, everything is covered. Benefits for the client company are huge. Many international companies do not have corporate entities in this region but there is customer demand for their products and services. By using FocusCore & MyWorld, an immediate solution, the overseas company can respond to customers and immediately start operating in Myanmar.

As you may know FocusCore also helps companies complete the process for Company Incorporation in Myanmar. There are many steps to complete and of course these take time. But now there is a growing trend. This is hardly a surprise – a company wants to be first in the market, the first mover, to get into the market early – without the worry of setting up an office and obtaining licences. With FocusCore they can, by outsourcing their staff requirements.

FocusCore is an international third party manpower solution provider. Ever since Myanmar opened to more trade, companies are leveraging on FocusCore to gain a quicker entry into the Myanmar markets.

We provide a platform; we hire their employees directly, on their behalf, and place them into the roles as required.

The staff can be national or international. If they are foreign nationals we will be ready as soon as they arrive to cover all the required registration procedures, from insurance to visas, then payment of salary, corporate tax and social security contributions. This is our payroll and contracting service. For Myanmar nationals, they will already be registered in Myanmar with The Social Security Board (SSB). This administers Myanmar’s social security programmes, including benefits and contributions.

If a company wants to start operating in Myanmar they can, now, via FocusCore. We are client driven, we can supply staff tailored to a company’s requirements.

Companies who have planned to grow in Myanmar but are tied down by the timescales of incorporation can use our solution and enter the market very quickly. (If you require permanent staff, MyWorld has an extensive database of 20,000 profiles of bilingual Burmese talented candidates. MyWorld is Myanmar’s fasting growing recruitment company. They can complete a search of their databases and submit to you the candidates suitable for placement in your company).

The FocusCore contract staff and payroll services cover employee on-boarding, registration with the local tax offices, together with calculation and payment of social security payments and salaries. Payments can be made locally and offshore. The entire process is managed by FocusCore.

As far as we are aware FocusCore is the only company providing this service in Myanmar. The service is steadily growing. We can support many sectors and industries – technology, banking, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and more.

You may already know the skills that you need for your operation in Myanmar. We can find suitable people for you now, take them onto our payroll and they are available for you to start operations in Myanmar.

So to sum up……Contract Staffing and Payroll Services

• The staff are ’employed’ by us and work for you.
• We pay the wages and corporate taxes and social charges.
• We complete recruitment and selection processes for you and find the necessary expertise and resources – we manage the employment processes.
• We answer instantly your company needs – you do not have the expenses of hiring and terminating.
• Reduce your admin! We take care of all the required paperwork when hiring employees, so reducing the demand on your resources and saving you an enormous amount of time AND you start operating in Myanmar immediately.
• We screen applicants, complete reference checks, administer payroll and tax and social charges, payroll tax, public liability and professional indemnity.

Globally, employment laws are getting more and more complicated. Let FocusCore & MyWorld find, hire and pay the staff so you can start your company in Myanmar today. Please contact us today to find out more.

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