Payroll & Staffing Services


We are a customer services business that provides corporate services to SME’s and corporates in Myanmar

Payroll & Staffing Services

With the rapidly growing Myanmar economy many of our clients have requested for payroll and staffing services for the following reasons:-

  • Free up time and resources so your team can focus on your core business.
  • Gain access to external expertise to perform payroll well.
  • Reduces costs, risks and any confidentially issues that may arise when performing these tasks in-house.
  • Quick response to the changing demands of their business, caused by seasonal variations, and or increased pace and growth.
  • Immediate response to changes in staff levels.
  • To ensure national laws on compliance, recruitment is followed; knowing all company and staff permits and licenses are current and in place.
  • To know the correct interpretation of regulations are understood and guidelines are followed correctly.
  • Leverage off relevant knowledge of national regulations and the processing of local documentation.

FocusCore Outsourced Payroll Services include:-

  • Staff payroll calculation – national and international staff.
  • Management of staff timesheets.
  • Management of social security board (SSB) documents and payment histories.
  • Management of personal income tax deductions and filing obligations.
  • Management of labour office Registrations
  • Drafting and registering employment contracts in accordance with the local laws
  • Reports and returns – operating in full compliance with national laws.
  • Liaising with local banks for new account opening and transfers.
  • Management of staff benefits programmes.
  • Holiday and sick leave recording, staff records and health records, when required.

Staffing Services (PEO Services - Professional Employer Organization Services)

Our PEO services support SME’S and Corporates that do not have an entity in Myanmar. Under the FocusCore co-employment model your employees are registered with our licensed entity and have the flexibility to work on your projects as an extension of your company.

Through our partner, Myanmar Payroll & Outsourcing Company Limited we provide you with bespoke PEO Services. Companies looking to have a presence in Myanmar can now outsource their employee management tasks, such as payroll and workers’ compensation, risk and safety management, employee benefits, training and development. We hire your employees, becoming their employer of record for tax and insurance purposes.

Now you can easily and rapidly establish your company activity in Myanmar.
The regular payment of staff salaries is a known golden rule together with adherence to national compliance and reporting regulations. These are processes with which we are familiar due to our experience living and working in Myanmar and the FocusCore blend of international and national staff teams.