Corporate Secretarial Services


We are a customer services business that provides corporate services to SME’s and corporates in Myanmar

FocusCore Myanmar ensures you remain compliant with local requirements when operating in Myanmar. Our local and foreign legal team, company secretaries, and finance professionals make sure your business matches the changing demands of the corporate environment and associated rules and regulations. FocusCore offers an entire range of corporate secretarial services:-

  1. Director and Company Officer Services. We can provide you with the provision of non-executive directors, all of whom are experienced with company operations in Myanmar. Myanmar Companies Law 2017 decrees a company can be incorporated if one director is ordinarily resident in Myanmar. A person is considered resident if they are in Myanmar for at least 183 days within a period of 12 months.
  2. Myanmar Entity Management. Our experience adds value. We work closely with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC). We provide you with advice on corporate governance and operational compliance aligned to the Myanmar Companies Law to ensure your company is compliant, and that you are made aware of any changes within the relevant legislation.
  3. Myanmar Entity Health Check. Myanmar has an ever-changing legislation and business landscape. There have been several updates regarding reporting requirements for companies in Myanmar. We ensure that your entity information is correct and aligned to new laws.
  4. Company Secretarial Services. This covers creation and maintenance of statutory books and registers, preparing and submitting all required forms and documents, notices, directories and shareholders meetings, AGM, and extraordinary general meetings. Our corporate secretarial team will assist you with filing changes to directors and shareholders and company officers names when necessary and update all company documentation with the registrar. This may also be, for example, to record changes to capital structure, or change of address.
  5. Registered office service. Provision of a registered office address, or mail forwarding and locally served legal documentation. Mail concierge services including (optional) notification of mail arrival, documents opened and scanned, with contents sent to you via email. We also arrange for your company to open a bank account – see 4 Banking Services.
  6. Corporate Restructuring services. Operating companies in multiple jurisdictions and changes in the legislative regulations sometimes require that a business should change and adopt a more suitable legal structure and an improved commercial structure.