Banking Services


We are a customer services business that provides corporate services to SME’s and corporates in Myanmar

We provide turnkey bank account processing with our banking partner, Asia Green Development Bank (AGD Bank). AGD was founded in 2010 and has total assets of 1.1 trillion kyat (US$700 million). When you visit FocusCore to incorporate your company, a team from AGD will also be present to open your bank account.

AGD has over 60 branches in Myanmar and was the first bank to provide ATMs and on-line banking. It is one of the few banks with a very strong digital mindset. AGD selected Infosys systems (HQ India, revenue 1 billion USD 2016) for world class back end technology. These advanced systems are leading the way in Myanmar enabling International, Corporate & Personal Banking, eBanking, Card services with also eWallet and mobile banking. AGD services include:-

International Banking Services: Foreign Currency Accounts, Foreign Exchange Services, Foreign Remittances.

On-line banking: Remittances, checking your account balances, transaction history, on-line payment enquiries, mini statements, transfer funds, pay bills, mobile top up.

Corporate Banking: For Businesses large and small, Company’s Current, Saving and other accounts.

Loans and Lending Services, Cards, Payment and Cash Management Services, and local remittances.

Card Services: AGD secured banking card for payments at both national and international shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other places where the individual card payment scheme is accepted. If you need cash, you can use ATMs across the world to obtain the cash. Online shopping is part of daily life and having an AGD card can help to fulfil it.