Unison Collaborative choose FocusCore to help set up a joint venture in Myanmar.
28 Jun

Unison Collaborative choose FocusCore to help set up a joint venture in Myanmar.

Products from Unison Collaborative are now available via a local source in Myanmar. FocusCore was chosen to help Unison Collaborative setup a joint venture in Myanmar for the import and distribution of their products across Myanmar.

These are pharmaceutical goods and related products. The trading name is UCM Biosciences Co., Ltd. Their address is Yaw Min Gyi Rd, Yangon. Unison Collaborative has its headquarter office in Singapore and branch offices in Malaysia and The Philippines. Unison Collaborative was established in 1977 with the aim of sourcing reliable, quality in-vitro diagnostic products and research tools for the clinical, industrial and research laboratories. Their mission is “To become the preferred provider of superior products and excellent service for the Life Science and Diagnostic industry”.

FocusCore has in the past written to private medical practitioners in Myanmar, addressing just part of the medical sector. We highlighted the huge foreign investment arriving in Myanmar, plus the increasing number of luxury condominiums and prestigious office towers being built and 5 star hotels and shopping malls – but recognising there are very few clinics in Myanmar – and an increasing number of foreign national and senior business staff.

If your company operates in the medical sector do contact us now to learn about the commercial opportunities in Myanmar. As you can see from the range of products from Unison Collaborative (listed below) this joint venture is going to provide a very wide range of leading solutions.

Myanmar continues to see growth with a wide series of large investment programmes across many sectors. FocusCore is active in accelerating this growth.

FocusCore opened its offices in Myanmar in 2014 and has witnessed, and continues to be closely involved with, many leading programmes of expansion following changes in national laws and policies.

Medical: Microbiology, Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Immunohistochemistry, Surgical Products, Allergy) Life Sciences Products: Cell culture, Next generation sequencing, Immunoassay, Substances, Tissue engineering, Protein engineering, Water microbiology, In-Vitro & In-Vivo delivery, Electrophoresis, Molecular Biology. Industrial and Veterinary: Immunoassay, Antibodies and antigens, Fluorescence antibodies, Control serum, Molecular Assays, Complement Fixation, Tube Agglutination, AGID, Reference Cultures, Sample collection. Food and Feed Safety: Dairy testing, Industrial contaminants, Microbiology, Toxins, Veterinary drugs. Forensic: Drug detection kit, Sample Collection Swabs & Applicators, DNA Collection Kit, Evidence Collection Kit. Custom Service: Bacteria serotyping, Bacteria serotyping training course, Primers, Peptides, Immunoassays, Next-Generation Sequencing Services.

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