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Outsourced Payroll and Contract Staffing Services



Outsourced Payroll Services

With the rapidly growing Myanmar economy many of our clients asked us for Payroll Services, for multiple reasons:-
  • To be better able to match the demands of their business due to seasonal variations, increased pace and growth.
  • To respond more rapidly to changes in staff levels and new product ranges.
  • To be assured national laws on compliance, recruitment are followed, knowing all company and staff permits and licences are in place.
  • To know the correct interpretation of regulations are understood and guidelines are followed correctly. (Full knowledge of national regulations is vital. The ways in which documents processing has evolved and has become common practise requires local knowledge).
FocusCore Outsourced Payroll services include:-
  • Staff Payroll – national and international staff, overtime, staff expenses. (If required in multiple currencies).
  • Contract staff Timesheets
  • Management of Social Security Board (SSB) documents and payments histories.
  • Employment certificates
  • Tax Management
  • Reports and returns – operating in full compliance with national laws
  • Reporting – Year-end
  • Management of Staff Benefits Programmes
  • Holiday and Sick Leave recording, Staff records and Health records
  • Up to date, secure IT network and premier accounting software, vast range of reporting formats, with secure data back-up.
The regular payment of staff salaries is a known golden rule together with adherence to national compliance and reporting regulations. These are matters with which we are familiar due to our experience living and working in Myanmar and blend of international and national staff teams.

Contract Staffing Services

To cater for change in business demands, whether due to growth or a new focus or project, we can provide qualified contract staff.

Whenever you have a requirement, for example an interim CFO, or a manager of accounts receivable, or another  skill  set, FocusCore can provide your company with an experienced  professional.  All  our experienced contractors have specifically chosen to work in contract roles. They have chosen this route as it grows their experience rapidly, so their career progress benefits and you benefit as well – you have an experienced and motivated contract worker, who has worked in Myanmar.

The  economy  is  expanding  fast.  National  regulations  are  changing, for example more  liberal  laws  for private companies allowing them to operate in sectors historically serviced by nationalised companies. How do you respond quickly  and professionally? How  do  you  avoid  recruitment  workload?  How you avoid increasing permanent headcount and  new long  term fixed costs? Select a contractor supplied by FocusCore. You know your company product, bringing in an experienced contractor who is also experienced in Myanmar, pays dividends..

Business Visas & Stay Permits

FocusCore can help with your application for an entry VISA and work Permits.

Naturally every country has procedures, rules and preferences regarding entry VISAS. We recommend you apply and receive your VISA before you travel. You may have already started your VISA research and found references to various types. An eVISA for on-line applications and another referred to as a VISA on Arrival (VOA).

There are specific rules relating to all VISAS and we can assist you and propose the best solution. Some for example do not allow for your stay to be extended.

For visits relating to business purposes please contact us for guidance. It is advisable for foreigners planning to invest, stay and or work in Myanmar, that they enter the country on a business visa.

For Business Visas please note that in all cases there are common requirements for all applicants. You must supply a Letter of Invitation from a Company Registered in Myanmar with their Certificate of Incorporation. For all Visas, your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

We can help you with your application and when you arrive, help you establish your business and assist with research and advice in Myanmar for your business, communications and financial plans.

(Please see Company Registration Services for business registration).

FocusCore can help you with:

  • Application for and Renewal of a Myanmar Business VISA (70-day single-entry, 6 month multiple entry, 1 year multiple entry.
  • Application for a Myanmar Multiple Entry VISA
  • Application for a Myanmar Long Term Stay Permit
    Applications for staff assigned to work for companies registered in Myanmar

Please contact us to discuss your application and eligibility.

FocusCore guide you through the entire process including:

  • Assisting you with the information required to complete your application.
  • Completing and submitting the application.
  • Updating you on the progress of your application.
  • In the unlikely event of an “application declined” letter being received we will assist you with the appeal process.

You can focus on your business in the knowledge that your staff have the correct VISAS and or Permits and your business activity is registered correctly.