FocusCore finds synergy with Asia Green Development Bank (AGD)
15 Feb

FocusCore finds synergy with Asia Green Development Bank (AGD)

FocusCore works with companies to help them complete all the necessary steps to incorporate their company in Myanmar. Now, when client companies visit FocsCore, an AGD Bank team can also attend and meet visiting company Directors to open a bank account and provide other financial services and products.

Commenting on the news, Eddy Herbert, Managing Director FocusCore Myanmar said “This is another addition to our range of corporate services. We can now provide turnkey account processing services with our partner, AGD Bank. When client companies visit us the bank team can also be present to meet the visiting company and start the process for opening accounts. For the incorporation of your company in Myanmar, a key requirement is the opening of a Bank Account. Now this step can also be started while visiting FocusCore. Thanks to AGD advanced bank services many other facilities are available online. This also means the bank is ideal for companies with overseas offices”.

AGD was founded in 2010 and has total assets of 366 billion kyat (US$366 million). The bank was founded by Tay Za and the Htoo Group of Companies. The bank now has over 60 branches in Myanmar. It was the first bank to provide ATMs, then on-line banking and is one of the few banks with a very strong digital mindset.

The bank selected Infosys systems (HQ India, revenue 1 billion USD 2016) for world class back end technology. These solutions are currently powering banks across 94 countries and serve over 848 million customers, estimated to be nearly 16.5 percent of the world’s adult banked population.

AGD with these advanced systems is now leading the way in Myanmar enabling International, Corporate & Personal Banking, eBanking, Card services with also eWallet and mobile banking.
AGD services include:-

International Banking Services
International Banking for personal and business needs. Foreign Currency Account, Foreign Exchange Service, Foreign Remittance.

Corporate Banking
For businesses large and small, AGD has the following services:-
Company’s Current, Saving and other accounts
Loans and Lending Services
Payment and Cash Management Services
Local Remittance

Card Services

By using AGD secured banking cards, you can manage your cash easily.
It is convenient and safe as you don’t have to carry cash. Payments can be made at both national and international shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other places where the individual card payment scheme is accepted. If you need cash, you can use ATMs across the world to get the cash.
Online shopping is part of our daily life and having an AGD card can help to fulfil it. When you open a current account or saving account, the AGD customer service team can help you get a card account.

Banking services via your computers or phones connected to the Internet.
Checking your account balance
Viewing your transaction history
Online payment enquiries
Mini statements
Transfer funds
Pay bills
Enable mobile top up
View latest exchange rates
Call centre support
Language: Myanmar/English

Once your company incorporation is complete, FocusCore can be relied upon to provide you with a wide range of corporate support services covering recruitment, legal, compliance, and bookkeeping. World class serviced office space is also available. All designed to help you complete the Company incorporation process and start operations in Myanmar.

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