Espressonite Myanmar, new local coffee chain, selects FocusCore for launch in Myanmar.
21 Dec

Espressonite Myanmar, new local coffee chain, selects FocusCore for launch in Myanmar.

FocusCore Myanmar have been selected for JV partner search, company incorporation, location search, recruitment, contracts and January launch for a new coffee concept; Espressonite Myanmar.

Espressonite, the emerging chain of concept beverage bars and café’s, have now confirmed they appointed FocusCore to complete all their start up and company incorporation procedures.

They chose FocusCore to help them become established quickly and be ready for their forthcoming Myanmar launch in January.

Espressonite is a speciality beverage firm, with experts on coffee, who demonstrate a passion for blending, preparation and presentation and sharing these skills with their customers.

It was with a firm set of requirements they approached FocusCore, asking them to complete much of the preparatory work prior to launch. This has been interesting not only due to the wide range of requirements but also as we were able to witness their level of dedication and passion for what they do – make stunning beverages!

– But this translated for us into a long list of requirements that they saw as vital and non negotiable.

This also included finding a location for their first concept bar. They wanted this to be in a good quality location, ideally with food suppliers’ close-by and also free, covered, customer parking.

As with many of our clients they sought help with company incorporation in Myanmar and obtaining various official authorisations. Then recruitment, and in some cases entry visa applications for international vendors. Also, company accounting facilities needed to be in place and tested so that all would be ready and compliant for launch. FocusCore also prepared staff contracts, ready for the Directors to issue to the chosen staff. At the outset we also helped by finding investment partners and preparing joint venture proposals, gaining a wider level of interest, even before launch.

Another thing is also sure! They certainly know their coffee. We trust that we have provided proof that we certainly know Myanmar. Coincidentally their passion for work is exactly mirrored by the focus and passion we have to help our customers, so they also receive their right blend to prosper.

Very fortunate for us, the location they choose is in fact in our building! Well someone had to taste the first cups of coffee with their research teams!

We join them in hoping you will also taste and enjoy this new service in Myanmar, as soon as it opens in January 2016 – Level 2, Hledan Centre Kamayut Township, Yangon.

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