BASF opens office in Myanmar 21 September.
14 Oct

BASF opens office in Myanmar 21 September.

BASF has opened a representative office in Yangon. It is Located at the Sedona Hotel building, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road. This is the first office for BASF in Myanmar.
This global chemical company had stated some years ago their plans to invest €10 billion in Asia from 2013-2020 as part of the company’s “grow smartly” Asia Pacific strategy. Their market research indicated “significant market potential in Myanmar”. The head office of BASF is in Ludwigshafen, on the Rhine, South West Germany.

For the past fifteen years BASF has been supplying local customers via distributors in Myanmar with products for agriculture, construction, mining, water purification and vitamins for food fortification. The company is also well known for their products to help alleviate vitamin A malnutrition globally. The global product range is very wide, supplying over 600 various industry sectors. BASF is an industry leader in sustainable development and a founding participant of the UN Global Compact.

Just like BASF, the market research we completed also provided results with a resounding positive recommendation to start operations in Myanmar. Having now been operational here since early 2014 we are superbly placed to help your organisation open in Myanmar. Many business Directors are seeing the validity of press comments that have been reporting, “here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to benefit from this emerging market”. Contact us now to hear how we can help your company make the first steps and support you going forward with your operations in Myanmar.

As at December 2014 records show BASF have 113,292 employees worldwide.

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